#WarriorPoet- SEX 9.0

#WarriorPoet- SEX 9.0

Ok… For the record, I’ll get into my own personal business for a minute here; My goal is something called Sexual Purity. What that means is, I try to… (Key word “TRY”) make a habit out of aligning not only my actions but my mind and my eyes (guys know what I mean) with God’s sexual standard. I went into this in greater detail -▸▸▸ HERE. I’d be a liar if I told you that I’m 100% succesful in this arena. I’d be lying if I told you that I’m a virgin. But through my relationship with Christ, my sex life has gone from rocket ship speed to turtle mode with the hope that it will return to rocket ship status once I’m married lol. According to what the Bible says, That is the best sexual standard for us all. Now…

Some of us don’t believe in The Bible. Some of us have an idea of what’s in the Bible and we pray from time to time and believe in God but just LOVE SEX! Some of us read the Bible and go to church and pray and fast and all that jazz yet just can’t find the self-control or strength or whatever it takes to stop having sex. Trust me, I get it! And because I get it, I would like to introduce a new sex model to you. It’s called Sex 9.0.

Sex 9.0 is when you can’t find it in you to practice sexual purity so at the very least you engage in a type of sex that involves what’s called “Potential Pumpin.” Basically, it’s you agreeing to ONLY have sex with a person who has the Potential of being with you forever. This is an approach aimed more so at the guys than the girls. Reason being, I think women can see themselves being committed to most of the guys they have sex with. That’s actually part of the reason they have sex. But with men, it’s the total inverse. We only see ourselves being committed to that “Upper Percentile” of the women we have sex with. I think this concept is far-fetched but not impossible. Even if we can get a handful of people to adopt this method, then we’ve made progress for humanity lol.

My reason for the Sex 9.0 concept is to cut down on the single parent homes and especially, the children who don’t have fathers. Most of the relationship drama, with children involved, is rooted in the man not really wanting to be there. And I’m sure there are some cases where the woman was accidentally impregnated but didn’t want an abortion so in those cases, she may not want to be there either. The #1 reason for a man not being there to raise his family is simply because he doesn’t have to. Of course that way of thinking stems from other stuff but if there is no binding commitment or union or covenant in place then he is more likely to “do what he can” rather than being fully invested. To keep it a buck, There are men who DO HAVE A binding commitment or union or covenant in place and THEY only “do what they can.”

I’m not promoting pre-marital sex. But if you’re going to do it, FELLAS… please have some foresight in regards to the condition of your future relationship with that person as well as the possibility of children. STUFF HAPPENS! We all have a handful of friends (or maybe even ourselves) who were accidental pregnancies. I just think it would be really dope that if we can’t practive sexual purity, at least we would all more selective in our sex partnerships for the sake of future foolery. If they’re not a “Potential Pumpin” candidate and you can’t have Sex 9.0 with them, then leave them alone! Simple.

Just a head’s up, I’m hosting an adult game night in a couple of weeks (Friday March 16th 7-11pm) in Midtwon Manhattan. It’s basically, guys and girls coming together at a sexy location to mingle, play cards, board games, twister, musical chairs, and more… all with an “adult twist.” And yes, we’ll have food & drink on deck. Stau tuned… But in the meatime, I would LOVE to read what you think of this new Sex 9.0 concept…

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